• Credit Regulations

    To effectively improve staff skills, professionalism and ability to learn, to encourage staff through learning and practice, constantly sum up the accumulation of management expertise and experience, the company managing the credit system for staff training. That is measured in credits, the staff participate in education and training within a year the results converted to credits and the end of the credits accumulated in the way of evaluation of the management mechanism. Establish long-term management mechanism, in order to build learning organizations.

  • Mentoring new staff

    To make new employees integrate into the corporate culture, work environment, adapt quickly to enhance the operational capacity, the company recruits new employees each will be equipped with the appropriate supervisor after the guidance and guidance.

  • Lecturer within the system

    Lecturer within the company through the implementation of the system, set up by the expertise of a director, department head instructor team consisting of internal training, combined with the company business development for targeted professional training. Lecturers through internal training, certification and awards, professional and technical backbone to fully exploit the potential of refining and promoting the sharing of internal knowledge.

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