Store & Logistics/Hypermarket

With the progression of industrialization and the rapid development of socialized division of labour, modern logistics has become an important and newly born industry helping production and circulation enterprises raise economic efficiency and reduce cost. It has been developing tremendously in recent years. Our company began to enter this field at an earlier time and soon was familiar with the technology and undertook many engineering design projects. Our company has accumulated much experience in logistics and storage design, fully considering many factors such as plane traffic, vertical transport, storage programming, computerized management, circumambience, etc. The projects completed included Prologis Northwest Logistic Center, China Shipping Air Cargo Co., Ltd. Pudong Logistics, Shanghai Haibo Spancer International Logistics Co., Ltd. Yangshan Duty-free Logistics Warehouse.

Under the background of continual growing of economy, abundance of products and improvement of people’s living standard, hypermarkets appeared as a bridge linking manufacturing and consumption sides. Our company successfully provided high quality engineering and services for those hypermarkets invested by foreign clients and obtained good reputations and stronger technical superiority. In the design of hypermarkets our company provided our customers with a free, sound and leisureful shopping environment with its unique style, proper planning, magnificent facade and elegant circumstance. In recent years more than 20 hypermarkets designed by our company have been set up all over our country such as Metro, IKEA ,Auchan hypermarkets, etc.

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