Shandong Yuxin Soybean Protein CO.,LTD.1.5 ten thousand ton yearly soybean albumen Project

Construction time: Location:

Construction time    2011     Location    xiangchi industry park,boxing city,shandong province

Project Name:Separate Soybean to Albumen Project

Process scale:production capacity about 1.5 ten thousand ton yearly.Total planning site area:151572.06m2.The project plan 100,000 ton soybean albumen once time which the first time is 1.5 ten thousand.

The Total Overall Floorage this time is 28423.95m2 which contain soybean separate plant,storeroom and power distribution room,water treatment and recycle system,machine repair room and cesspool,office building and R&D centre,entrance guard,weightbridge and accounts room,wall.

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