Construction time:2010 Location:Wuxi,jiangsu

IKEA Furniture WUXI Store Project was developed and injected into huge venture by WUXI IKEA Retail Co.,Ltd which situated onto No.XDG-2008-20 land parcel among the Middle Tuanjie Road plots of Wuxi XiShan Municipal Economic Development Zone;This shopping mall principally do business on the wholesale and retail of various kinds of furniture and some other household goods,its construction occupied area covers 70500m2 of which the store possess 21593 square meters;Furthermore,the building density is 31% with its gross building area holds 106124m2,its plot ratio is 0.93 and the total building height is approximately 24m;As far as the overall structure be concerned,it seems to be three levels above the ground with mezzanines on its local regions and attached with another sublevel storey.

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