Construction time:2011 Location:baoshan,shanghai

IKEA Furniture BaoShan Store was ventured by IKEA Shanghai BaoShan Co.,Ltd who is primarily operated on the furniture as well as some living goods.IKEA Shanghai BaoShan Store is located at the fields of southwise away from DaChang Town & HuTai Road east within BaoShan Region;The construction occupied area of this shopping mall is appreciably estimated by 35179m2 of which the store possess 21102 square meters approximately;Furthermore,its overall floorage perhaps holds 107428m2 more or less with its plot ratio is 3.0,the building density is 60% and the total building height isaround 33.5m;The whole store above the ground is divided into two parts:they are seperately the shopping mall section and the parking garage portion;Specifically,there are four storeys in all above the ground level with two mezzanines locally and appended with one underground level in part that serves as mechanical & electrical room while the carport has totally overground six storeys.

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